Teaching Assistant for Design Technologies for Integrated Systems

Graduate course, EPFL, 2023


The course will present the most outstanding features of hardware compilation, as well as the techniques for optimizing logic representations and networks. The course gives a novel, uptodate view of digital circuit design. Practical sessions will teach students the use of current design tools.

Syllabus 1) Modeling languages and specification formalisms; 2) High-level synthesis and optimization methods (scheduling, binding, data-path and control synthesis); 3) Representation and optimization of combinational logic functions (encoding problems, binary decision diagrams); 4) Representation and optimization of multiple-level networks (algebraic and Boolean methods, “don’t care” set computation, timing verification and optimization); 5) Modeling and optimization of sequential functions and networks (retiming); 6) Semicustom libraries and library binding.


  • Lecturing
  • Preparing the midterm and final exams
  • Preparing weekly exercises and homeworks
  • Grading of the homeworks
  • Grading of the exams
  • Assisting students during the lab sessions