Teaching Assistant for Real Time Embedded System

Graduate course, EPFL, 2021


The course includes the study of models of management of an embedded system by polling, interruptions and using a real time kernel and these primitives of tasks management and synchronizations. Specialized programmable interfaces are carried out in VHDL to help with these measurements. A real time kernel is studied and used at the time of the laboratories. A system of acquisition is carried out and the gathered data transmitted by an embedded Web server. To ensure the real time acquisition and reading by the Web server, a multiprocessor system is developed and carried out on FPGA. An Accelerator makes it possible to facilitate the optimization of functions by hardware on FPGA. Cross development tools are used. Each topic is treated by a theoretical course and an associated laboratory. The laboratories are realized on a FPGA board especially developed for teaching. A real time operating system is studied and used with the laboratories.


Assisting students during the lab sessions to solve project assignments.